This website was build during the end 2002 and at the beginning of 2003. It was developed on the Laptop. Main tools are the "MySQL to Static Website" tool that was self developed (A short description of this package can be found on the README file), and a "Gimp Script-Fu" script which was developed to process the large amount of the pictures more easily.
It is currently (June 2003) continues development while traveling around East Asia, whenever electricity is available. Updates are commited when network in reasonable price is available. Check CHANGELOG for new features list.

Available the MySQLtoStaticWebsite version 0.9.4 as well as the first release version MySQLtoStaticWebsite version 0.9.1 for download.

The main python scripts are available:

Library and utilities:

Automatic generation scripts:

Database related:

The Gimp Script-Fu scripts which were used are:

  • Automatic image processing script (self written)
  • Old stone script Copyright (C) 1995 Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis.
    Remark: These scripts should be put under ~/.gimp-1.2/scripts/ directory.
    Usage example: In order to create icon, medium and normal size pictures for a whole directory, the following bash script can be used. For "multi move" the following bash script can be used.

    ***All software on this page is available for use, modify and redistribution under the GPL License version 2.0 or later***

    More on MySQL tools:
    Helpful X tools, when one has enough from the textual client are MySQLGUI (I used version 1.7.5) for queries and minor changes, and gmysql (I used version 0.3.4) for maintaining the tables structure.

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