The laptop is Fujitsu LifeBook P-1000 series with Crusoe processor and its name is "little" as its weight is only 980g. I bought it in Singapore in Jan 2001. After it ran Redhat 6.2, Suse 7.3, Mandrake 8.1, Linux from Scratch 3.2, it runs now (2003) Mandrake 9.0 in a most satisfying way. Since there are few resources on the net explaining how to install it I will not repeat it. I had no dialup needs until lately, as there was always a network RJ45 hole to plug in to, but now that I do need dialup, I must admit that although I tried in many ways to hack the on board modem, I did not succeed in making it usable - so when I want a dialup connection, I use either a PCMCIA network+modem card, or serial via the USB hub.

I can save *you* some time, if you're looking for hints for configuring this laptop. Please take a look at /proc/cpuinfo, /proc/devices, /proc/ioports, /proc/modules, /etc/X11/XF86Config-4, linux-2.4.19-16mdk.config, linux-2.4.19-16mdk.config.orig, linux-2.4.19.linus.config.

I have tried to turn this laptop into the closest thing to the hitch-hiker's guide to Earth, as well as best travelers tool.


It runs apache webserver with some offline websites which were downloaded using HTTrack Website Copier:
  • Offline copy of the lonely planet website. Before deciding to travel to the next place, we read about it in the laptop. We can check the maps and all the hints the lonely planet website can offer.
  • Introduction courses of large part of the world's languages. Before entering a new land, we can take a short course of the local language (e.g. Tibetian, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Lao, Punjabi, etc). Some courses are with audio examples.
  • "Online Books" (all with expired copyright, or free) in various subjects as Buddhism, Tantra, Space travel, Consciousness, Meditation.
  • Database and few resources of the Flora around India, Tibet, China, Mynmar, etc. This is essential for Kathi!
  • Software guides and tutorials regarding MySQL, python. All Orelly books as appear online. Other interesting (for me) software subjects.
  • Fun stuff as huge Origami website which include instructions to any imaginable shape. Guide for Lucidity subject and more.

    Whenever the Laptop is connected to the internet, few tasks are being performed:
  • The laptop announces it's ip and time of connection. It is good for worried parents. An automatic email with our last plans and last connecting locations is sent if a certain period of time has passed without us being connected to the internet.
  • It builds a tunnel and forwards the SMTP email ports (so the offline written emails would be sent using the mail server on encrypted) and forwards the HTTP communication to Israeli sites so they would seem like the request is coming from Israel, and no special treatment (like registration payment for people abroad) would be needed.
  • It downloads all waiting email for Kathi and me.
  • It mirrors some interesting websited for later offline surfing (newspapers and linux news mainly). Only the first pages are mirrored, as a modem line doesn't allow much bandwidth.
  • It serves as an internet network provider (NAT) for other computers. Each computer which connects to the little, can get an IP via the DHCP server, and get connected to the internet.

    Our beloved music is all in MP3 on the laptop. Hebrew German and English music was ripped from our CDs. We use the laptop as mp3 player (we also intend to use it in our wedding, where we set a list of all songs in advance).
    For times of fun we have the "Hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy" script of the BBC in mp3. It has 12 great chapters of around 30 minutes each. Great method to have some laughter.

    On request, we run the MySQL server which contains our pictures and their details and stories. The MySQLtoStaticWebsite automatic website generation tool is ran to update our website.

    In the near future it would be used as a storage place for our GPS routes (list of location points) and storage of digital pictures, if we ever purchase a digital camera.