Installing Linux (RedHat 6.2) on P-1000 LifeBook notebook (P series with crusoe processor):

The LifeBook P-1000 with Transmeta Crusoe processor, is a very nice and tiny notebook. It weights only 980g, and it looks so cool :-)

You can find few links:

First shipment to Singapore where I bought it.

And few more details about it.

Well, it is actually very easy. You should first prepare a new partition. This can be done using the following bootable diskette (using dd if=pmagic.img of=/dev/fd0).

Second, you neeed to boot the laptop with RedHat 6.2 pcmcia boot diskette. I used the NFS installation (I had dhcp configured) on the nearby server, and /mnt/cdrom was exported

The installation went smoothly.